Q.O.L. Guidance is closed for business. I am on sabbatical and do not know when I might return to active practice.

In the meantime I will miss working with all of the wonderful people I have come to know over the past nine years. My email address will still remain active:

For my previous clients

If you are requesting that copies of your records or a summary be sent to another provider (e.g. therapist, primary care doctor, etc.) I will need a current Release of Information form from you. Please click here to access the form, or select the release of information tab on the left.

I will need your current phone number to make certain that you are the one requesting the release, or in case I have any questions.

If you need this information quickly you should ask your provider if a phone consultation or summary of your medical records is sufficient. If you need ALL of your records released be aware that this will take longer since I have no staff available.

Requests for records or a summary of records which are not for the purpose of continuing care are charged a fee. Click here to see details, or select the record fees tab.

I am more than willing to help you find a therapist, but this option is only available for recent ex-clients (i.e. have seen in the past 6 months - November 1, 2013 or later). If you would like to request a referral click here, or select the referral request tab on the left.

Photography by Joanna Bolick.